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Ha!noise #007 @ DeN

Guiguisuisui presents Shining Soundscape

& Dao Anh Khanh

100k entry (includes 1 free drink)

7-8 Happy Hour buy 1 craft beer get 1 pizza

Guiguisuisui is a two piece art-rock performance band. Curated by Chinese artist Nan Guazi and her British husband, Guiguisuisui blends electronic and live sounds to create the backdrop for interactive theatre performances which feature a cast of characters from an imagined future and past. Over the top of this Nan Guazi’s live animations are projected onto the stage; animated steampunk fairytales that add to the ethereal quality of the performance. The show has toured relentlessly since it’s beginnings in 2012, with gigs in China, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe (UK, France,Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Poland). In 2016 they were presented with the ‘Band of the Year’ award at City Weekend Beijing’s annual awards show as well as being featured on the cover of 通
俗歌曲 ('tong su ge qu') magazine, China’s longest running rock and roll magazine. The Shining Soundscape concept is the latest manifestation of the bands’ experiences to date.

Shining Soundscape (SS) is a new live art musical performance from electro art-rock band Guiguisuisui (鬼鬼祟祟). An artistic performance that combines both live digital video painting and improvised ambient music, to create a backdrop over which performance and meditative chanting combine with electronic music, in a meeting of minds and cultures.

During the Shining Soundscape performances Dann Gaymer uses a combination of digital synthesizers and samplers in combination with live instruments run through effects processors, including his custom build one stringed skateboard guitar (the Diddly Board). Meanwhile Nan Guazi sings and chants meditative mantras and soaring melodies over the top, while simultaneously playing with the shadows she casts by positioning herself in front of the projector, overlaying onto the scene she is painting in real time onto the back wall of the stage thanks to the Tagtool app. In this sense the whole performance environment becomes a canvas for the pair to create a saga using shining light, shadows, sounds, costumes and movement, with the audience being wrapped in the atmosphere conjured. What’s more at key points the audience help make decision about which direction the performance will go in.

Shining Soundscape combines painting, music, and performance into a brand new form of artistic expression that creates a marriage between delicate brush strokes and the soaring melodies. Guiguisuisui firmly believe in the future development of SS projects, and the limitless possibilities that a combination of painting and music can open up for future forms of art performance.

www. facebook.com/Guiguisuisui


Friday, February 15

8:00pm - 11:45pm

DeN | 49 Làng Yên Phụ, Hanoi