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Oral Fixation - A Spoken Word Event @ Solist Pub

From the organizer:

Come on out to hear Hanoi’s finest poets and wordsmiths gather to entertain you with whispers, voices, and songs. Let them weave tales of comedy and tragedy and everything in between as you enjoy the cozy pub environment of the Solist Pub.

Featured poets and storytellers:

Liz Blanco
Elle Angeloni
Lolli Anderson
Ross McCarrik
Otto Nomous
Liam Guilfoyle
Lauren Curley
Nikki Trutter
Adin Leavitt
Ryan Peterson and Zoh Irie

Free entry
A Spoken Word Event hosted by Liz Blanco

Performer bios:

::Liz Blanco::
Originally from Texas, Liz landed in Hanoi after stints in Chicago, Korea, and Malaysia. Sustaining herself on cafe nau da and whiskey, her creative outlets include drawing, painting, and graffiti. Rated as one of the best spoken word artists by the family that still speaks to her, her poems are raw and honest. Come out and see for yourself.

::Elle Angeloni::
Elle Angeloni is opinionated and unapologetic, tackling taboo issues with a touch of humour and an element of raw vulnerability. She is known for passionate rants and awkward jokes. Expect your heart strings to be played and a sudden urge to castrate yourself. Enjoy!

::Lolli Anderson::
Lolli Anderson is a Scottish-born wanderer, writer and teacher; a motorbike and yoga enthusiast; and lover of Finish cartoons, haikus and GIN. She'll use pre-recorded guitar melodies to guide a piece on love and envy. Don't miss it!

::Ross McCarrik::
Ross McCarrick is a 25 year old English teacher who's originally from the North West of Ireland. Ross likes long walks to and from the pub. Ross' biggest fear is commitment (but he's not even sure about that.)

::Otto Nomous::
Otto Nomous is an eclectic performance poet from nowhere. He mixes rhythms, meanings and subjects with vocally implemented thought.

::Liam Guilfoyle::
Liam Guilfoyle is a comedian/storyteller from England and he just wants to share stories to give people new perspectives on life.

::Lauren Curley::
Lauren Curley Unfiltered and unapologetic. Lauren Curley is a poet from the North-West of England living in Hanoi. Wanting people to say how they feel. Expect pussy power, clits and big bags of dicks. The things people don’t say she’ll say anyway. All Wordz her own. All Curlz her own. Find her at @WordzbyCurlz_ on Intsa

::Nikki Trutter::
Nikki Trutter is an American born poet, filmmaker, and traveler. Mostly, she is just a girl with a mic and some words she wrote.

::Adin Leavitt::
Adin Leavitt grew up mostly in the mountains of Montana and between the covers of books. He graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2017 with a degree in creative writing, and can usually be found doing his best to get lost. He has published a collection of fiction and poetry, It Still Rains In Imaginary Places, which can be found on Amazon.com.

::Ryan Peterson and Zoh Irie::
Ryan Petersen, Zoh Irie, and Marie are an artist collective known as the SuperbuskerZ. They were established in early 2019 and have been on a musical/artistic tirade across Hanoi ever since. They come from three different continents but all share a love of music, art, and peanuts. In their spare time, The SuperbuskerZ like to perform in secret impromptu street performances as The Buskers.


Saturday, January 26

8:30pm - 11:30am

Solist Pub | 25A Xuan Dieu, Hanoi