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Spirit Tasting & Making @ Marylbone Cafe & Bar

With the mission of being the first "craft cocktail" bar in Hanoi, the Marylbone Speakeasy Bar team is always trying to bring unique experiences to customers with the cocktails created from the blending of ingredients soaked, brewed and fermented by bartenders from Marylbone.

Come to Marylebone and attend the "Spirits Tasting & Making" event, to:
- Taste 06 types of infused spirits including
1. Vodka with ginger and lemon skin
2. Rum with ginger and sugarcane
3. Tequila with coffee
4. Whiskey with “mac mat” leaves and seeds
5. Gin with cinnamon and orange peel
6. Gin with pinapple, cummin leaves and pepper
under the guidance of professional bartenders
- Vote for your favorite spirit
- Experience the process of creating the most voted spirit under our guidance
- Enjoy your own work, you can even bring it home to enjoy with your family and friends
Ticket price: 495K
Contact us on: 0965.999.000/0908.220.385



Tuesday, January 22

8:00pm - 11:00pm

Marylbone Cafe & Bar | 24A To Ngoc Van, Hanoi