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Đường Chạy 0.3 @ No Name Location

After the first two sessions in Saigon, Đường Chạy comes to Hanoi with the hope to explore and connect the community of young media artists that inquire the ecological relationship between themselves and their surroundings.

In this session, the artists are encouraged to consider the interactions amongst their artworks, in terms of visual and viewing experience, in every corner of the house as well as its open spaces.

Đường Chạy 0.3 features three local artists that practises different disciplines: sound art, music, performance, poetry and moving images. Inspired by the intertwined principles of an art exhibition and a playground, the artists transform a house that used to function as somebody’s personal studio into a playful space, where the artists scatter around pieces of their stories. By doing so, the relationship enclosed in the given space shifts back and forth between artists-audiences and game masters - game players. The audiences are invited to enter the world of the artists through the active act interacting with the artworks and the space by engaging in the childhood game of “scavenger hunt.” The burden of meaning making again is a fairly shared task between the makers and the receivers.


Wednesday, January 16

7:30pm - 9:00pm

No Name Location | 310/50/6/3 Nghi Tàm street, Hanoi