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World Music Night @ La Bodega

It's gonna be kind of special night in Hanoi and particularly in La Bodega with not only one but two world music bands performing for you in our restaurant.

Let's start the year with SURHABI ENSEMBLE and the TRANSPLANTED.
Surabhi Ensemble is a global music and dance collective representing different cultures. The group was founded by Indian veena artist Saraswathi Ranganathan in 2010 and is based in Chicago. The ensemble began with the intention of producing cross-cultural music influenced by Indian raga. It has grown to include Arab Maqam music from North Africa, the Middle East as well as Spanish flamenco, with Andalusia, Spain (Al-Andalus in Arabic) being the natural end point to the journey of the many cultures represented within the Surabhi Ensemble.

The mission of the Surabhi Ensemble is to demonstrate the connections between
cultures and to teach a positive message of togetherness in creating, performing, and demonstrating new works of music and dance. Members of the group work in many settings such as schools, hospitals, theaters, concert halls, festivals, refugee organizations, neighborhood parks, and cultural centers to bring this positive message of cultural unity and outreach.


The TranSplanted are Hanoi's World Music Band, bound together by the passion for the World's traditional music from Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia. With members from all over the world, the music itself is a Journey that keeps your ears on the road.



Thursday, January 10

8:00pm - 11:00pm

La Bodega | Ngõ 56, ngách 139 phố Thạch Cầu Quận Long Biên