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Urban Orangutan + Spooky Jazz Tribe @ DeN

From the organizer: Urban Orangutan and the Spooky Jazz Tribe

This Thursday at Den, supported by the SJT (along with special guest, Etienne Rousseaux) Urban Orangutan will perform the music from his debut album - Blueberry - which was recently released on October 14th. Come at 9 pm to see the Spooky Jazz Tribe do a set of their favorite songs and classics, followed by the Tribe's take on Blueberry from 10 to 11. This promises to be a night of music that is diverse and evocative, moving through an abundance of musical styles and emotional landscapes, and a bit weird...

Urban Orangutan - lead vocals, tiny guitar, foot percussion, kalimba
Etienne Rousseaux - backup vocals, big guitar
Nikola Živković Takšev - backup vocals, cajon, percussion, kalimba
Danielle Perica - clarinet

Urban Orangutan - Blueberry
(available on bandcamp athttps://urbanorangutan.bandcamp.com/album/blueberry)

"I have written many songs, and about a variety of subjects, ranging from a story from my childhood in which a dog bit my ear and I was gifted with a tadpole to a not-quite-tongue-in-cheek rant about the prevalence of memes, or an imaginary monologue from a planetary white blood cell. Every song on this album, except for Mantra, is a love song (though not all of them are happy love songs). The reason for this is that I am, and have been, in love. Let's just say, Blueberry is the Ann Darrow to Urban Orangutan's King Kong, although I assure you the outcome is far less tragic. The first two songs on the album are older songs, ones that I wrote before and after, respectively, the end of a relationship. The rest of the songs were written over the last couple years, during times that were both highly inspiring to me and very painful, in the thick of feelings that I could not explain or express other than through song. Mantra, as the centerpiece of the album, is a chorus I've made to help see me through the dark clouds I sometimes find myself in.

Now, the story has changed, and the moments have been re-ordered to make a new story. I have no idea what it will say to you, in the end..."
- Urban Orangutan


Thursday, December 6

9:00pm - 11:00pm

DeN | 49 Làng Yên Phụ, Hanoi