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Chạy với tôi - 2gether 2018 @ Hoan Kiem Lake


Have you ever gone for a run by the sea, felt the salty air filling your chest and a sense of freedom and infinite possibilities opening your mind and heart? Unfortunately, most of the blind people we are working with have never got a chance to experience.

The Vietnamese blind people are gradually having a more comfortable and fulfilling life. Nevertheless, due to visual impairment, they tend to avoid physical activities since they are afraid of hurting themselves and others. To make matters worse, it is the fear of being considered to be pathetic by the sighted that prevents them from enjoying life.

“Chay voi toi – 2gether” was created to break the invisible wall of fears and other hindrances for the disabled. Running is the special language we employ to empower and boost the self confidence of visually impaired people.

Not only is running a way to enhance both physical mental health for the visually impaired participants but it also helps eliminate public prejudices about the capabilities of the blind. As a result, empathy can be generated.
If running itself enables us to transcend our own limitations, this running track bridges the gap between people. On this track, there would be no “I” or “you”, just “us”. We share the same heartbeat and the same belief. The limitations will be eradicated and all prejudices become meaningless.

We had exhilarating experiences taking part in “Chay voi toi – 2gether” in 2016 and 2017. In this year’s event, apart from running, another meaningful project namely “Open Road”, the very first online library of audio books for visually impaired people with its smart phone application, will be launched. This is part of a range of activities to raise public awareness of visually impaired people, to encourage confidence in the abilities of the blind and to promote the opportunities for the visually impaired in particular and the handicapped in general

So, join us and become part of “Chay voi toi – 2gether 2018” on this December 2nd, 2018. We aspire to create your precious memories and moments at which you do not only see by your eyes, but can listen to the beat of a thousand hearts and the sound of a thousand steps toward a better future.

Register here:
Contact: 09 04 69 36 96 (Đặng Thế Lâm)
Email: 2gether@vietnamandfriends.org


Sunday, December 2

7:00am - 11:00am

Hoan Kiem Lake | 7 Dinh Tien Hoang, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi