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[Photos] A Green Oasis in the Heart of Hanoi

With Hanoi’s environment getting worse by the minute, a group of architects has attempted to create a dash of green scenery to brighten up this Dong Da abode.

Instead of the usual complete housing projects, this architectural highlight is a simple pavilion designed by Hung Nguyen Architects. The green space sits atop a three-story house in Hanoi’s Dong Da District.

As ArchDaily reports, this 2017 project, titled “The Pavilion of the Origins,” reflects the owner’s wish to bring more fresh air into their home. This was achieved through extensive use of open space and plant species that are known to help purify air, such as ferns, snake plants and various types of palms.

The rooftop garden consists of metallic structures that are painted white for optimal light reflection. Different planters are positioned at varying heights to simulate the natural distribution of species in a forest.

Step into Hanoi’s green oasis below:

[Photos by Nguyen Thai Thach via ArchDaily]

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