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[Photos] Past and Present Mingle in Hanoi’s ‘Attic Apartment’

When it comes to the scores of cramped and aging homes in urban Vietnam, local architects have a knack for transforming these unusual spaces into not only liveable but trendy and functional housing.

But while more than a few Vietnamese tube houses have undergone a complete 180 in both exterior and interior design, few architects manage to fuse the old and the new into one updated 21st-century structure that retains the best of its past without sacrificing safety or comfort.

The folks at architecture firm Tropikon succeeded in doing just that with their attic apartment in Hanoi, reports ArchDaily. A top-floor unit whose exterior still bears the red roof tiles and accents of an earlier time, this chic urban dwelling bears a sleek, minimalist interior complete with leafy green plants and modern furnishings.

Have a look below:

[Photos via ArchDaily]

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