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Hanoi to Construct 3 New Bridges Across To Lich River

There's something lovely about being able to walk easily over a death-black river that reeks of the upcoming apocalypse. 

According to Lao Dong News, in an attempt to improve walking and cycling routes in the area, Hanoi authorities are proposing the construction of three new bridges over the To Lich River. 

The bridges will be built beside 221 Nguyen Khang Street, 79 Nguyen Khang Street, and 169 Nguyen Ngoc Vu Street, at a total cost of VND36 billion. 

The Hanoi Department of Transportation stated that, although Lang Street is a densely populated area with numerous office blocks, schools, hospitals, and new urban zones, its current bus services and stops are located too far from existing bridges, an issue which is problematic for pedestrians. 

The To Lich River, which connects to West Lake, is one of the capital's main bodies of water. As a consequence of rapid urbanization, industrialization, and ineffective management, the river has been heavily polluted by untreated household and industrial waste.

The To Lich has become notorious for its contaminated water and pungent smell. Earlier this year, in an effort to remedy the problem, Hanoi authorities began to clean a section of the river using Japanese biotechnology.

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