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[Photos] In Hue, a Minimalist Tree House for Adults

Climbing trees and crafting a cozy tree house out of scrap materials might be a fond childhood memory for many. This new house in Hue provides its tenants with the same experience, except with the amenities of a homestay for adults.

The project was finished this year and created by Hue-based firm SILAA Architects. Made from thatch and reclaimed wood, the “hut” seems lost in the leafy canopy of surrounding trees. The first floor is a communal area with a simple dining table and kitchen appliances, as well as few walls, in order to maximize the connection with nature between guests and long-term tenants. This no-frill style extends to its second floor, which houses two bedrooms separated by polycarbonate panels. The two floors are connected only by two wooden ladders.

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[Photos by Hoang Le via ArchDaily]

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