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77 Architects Cosign Request to Da Lat to Reconsider Development Plan

A new development plan, announced not long ago, will bring about major changes to Da Lat's central area.

Specifically, the iconic Hoa Binh Theater will be demolished to pave way for a commercial-entertainment complex and the nearby area will also be turned into a commercial hub. Four other zones have also been marked as areas to be developed. The plan has been generating mixed responses, with many experts and netizens alike expressing concerns about conservation.

A group of 77 architects recently cosigned a request to reconsider the Da Lat development plan, Zing reports. The letter was sent to Construction Minister Pham Hong Ha, Lam Dong People's Council Chairman Tran Duc Quan, Director of Vietnam Urban Planning Association Tran Ngoc Chinh, Director of Vietnam Association of Architects Nguyen Tan Van and Ho Thieu Tri, the author of the contentious development plan.

According to the petition, the architects don't oppose making changes to the central area but suggest that the new development plan is not suitable for Da Lat's current landscape and historical significance. The architects are also concerned about the transparency of the process of getting the plan approved in the first place.

The cosigners request the Ministry of Construction and Lam Dong People's Council to review, clarify and publicize the details of their process and its legality. The group also asked the Vietnam Association of Architects to examine the development plan and publicize their evaluation. As for the architect responsible for the plan, the group requests Tri to come up with a new revision that's "reflective of his name and stature in Vietnam's contemporary architecture."

[Photo via Trung Hoc Ban Cong Dinh Quan]

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