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[Video] The Elaborate 'Holy Tower' of Caodaism in the Outskirts of Tay Ninh

In Tay Ninh Province’s Hoa Thanh District, a sizable community of Cao Dai followers lives thanks to the existence of the religion’s major temple, the Cao Dai Holy See.

The existence of Cao Dai is unique to Vietnam, especially in southern provinces where it started in 1926. Some sources cited Saigon’s Cau Kho neighborhood right in District 1 as the starting place of the religion, as it was where the first few followers congregated. Nonetheless, the first-ever Cao Dai ceremony was held in Tay Ninh Province, the hometown of its first “pope” Le Van Trung.

In today’s Vietnam, mentions of the name Cao Dai usually conjure up images of its major temple in Tay Ninh, the Holy See. It only takes a 15-minute ride from the heart of Tay Ninh City to reach the site – spanning one square kilometer – which houses the Holy See and other supporting amenities.

The massive structure was finished in January 1947, bearing a range of different religious symbols and unique decorations that incorporate elements from Buddhism, Catholicism, Taoism, and many more.

Visit the site of the Holy See through the video below:

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