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[Video] How Vietnam's Male Fashion Has Changed Through the Decades

Ever wonder how Vietnam’s standards for male beauty have changed over the years?

Last July, the online beauty anthropology series 100 Years of Beauty highlighted the elegance of Vietnamese women through various decades from the 1900s to the 2010s. A local media outfit – YouTube channel SUBCULTURES – has done the same thing, but with local standards regarding males.

The short clip is admittedly not as well-researched as its counterpart for females. This is probably also due to the fact that fashion for males in Vietnam hasn’t gone through that many significant changes over the years. In decades past, most local men have tended to go for utility over vanity.

There have been some notable shifts in styles though as Vietnam evolved from an agrarian society to one more focused on commerce and trade. This is perhaps most evident in the appearance of Western-influenced apparel from the 1950s on.

Have a look at the typical looks of Vietnamese men through the decades:

[Video via YouTube channel SUBCULTURES]

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