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[Video] A Hundred-Year History of Vietnamese Beauty

In the most recent episode of their 100 Years of Beauty series, WatchCut shines the limelight on the beauty of Vietnamese women throughout history.

The video starts in the 1910s, when the model – Miss Vietnam USA 2017 Isabelle Du – dons minimal makeup with black teeth, a distinctive look of local women at the time.

Back then, many associated white teeth with ghosts and other creatures of the underworld, so they dyed their teeth black as a form of protection against supernatural beings.

As the video goes on, the audience is introduced to various other styles that show the prevalent political and cultural influences of the era, such as the Roaring Twenties and the flower power movement, which both arrived in Vietnam at least a decade after they appeared in their home countries.

Take a glimpse into Vietnamese history through past beauty trends below:

Video via Facebook user 100 Years of Beauty.

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