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'Thần Đồng Đất Việt' Author Lê Linh: 'I Will Never Stop Working With History'

For Vietnamese comic fans of the past two decades, the names Lê Linh and Thần Đồng Đất Việt will most definitely ring a bell.

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An Illustrator Gives Vietnamese Music Icons Sleek Cyberpunk Makeovers

Trần Phát, known on social media as Phat HaHa, is a designer from Bien Hoa. He recently released an album of 30 Vietnamese artists drawn in cyberpunk style. 

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Thơughtful: Chữ(a) Là(nh), a New Poetry Series to Raise Fund for Those in Need

“Chữ_là để chữa_lành,” or “words are for healing," is Bay Library ’s motto for their poetry series . Amidst these difficult ...

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Praying for Good Weather, Bac Giang-Style

My friends said that they were going to a festival which happens every four years, and that it would be great for photographs. I knew nothing more.

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Meet the Vietnamese Creators of 'Centuries and Still,' a Short Decrying Anti-Asian Racism

How much history are you aware of?

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Hanoi Postcard No. 11: Saddle Chill Time

Who is better at the art of chilling on a motorbike than the xe ôm?

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What Is Hanoi to You? A New Art Competition Seeks Answers From Young Designers.

What is Hanoi to you? Is it the mesmerizing old architecture, the thousand-year legacy, the usual traffic craze, or a warm bowl of phở in the morning?

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Doraemon and 25 Years of Fostering Friendship in Vietnam

To a generation of young Vietnamese, there are many things that might conjure up fond memories of childhood. Those remnants of past decades could take the form of once-popular TV series about time-tra...

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[Photos] Cambodian Artist Breathes Life Into Intricate Sketches With Digital Enhancement

Watch closely as flora and fauna, the sun and stars are brought to life under the hands of Cambodian artist Visoth Kakvei.

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[Photos] The New, Illusory Trompe-l'œil Murals on Hanoi's Railway Arches

On one end of Long Bien Bridge, so far from the often-photographed main structure that it's considered by many to be a separate attraction in its own right, a massive art project fills the sealed arch...

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[Illustrations] Check out These Charming Watercolor Paintings of Traditional Hanoian Cuisine

In a capital city that feels like it’s in constant flux, there’s always one thing you can rely on: the refined art of Hanoian cuisine.

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[Video] The Elaborate 'Holy Tower' of Caodaism in the Outskirts of Tay Ninh

In Tay Ninh Province’s Hoa Thanh District, a sizable community of Cao Dai followers lives thanks to the existence of the religion’s major temple, the Cao Dai Holy See.

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Whale Worship: Exploring the Role of Whales in Vietnam's Coastal Lore

In 1799, the ferocious Tay Son army forced the first Nguyen Emperor, Nguyen Anh, and his troops to flee to the sea. While making their escape, a great storm engulfed the retreating army. As their ship...

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Teenage Indonesian Girls Shred Muslim Stereotypes With Heavy Metal Band

Not necessarily your typical thrash metal band, and not necessarily your typical teenage girls, this trio expresses their ideas and love of metal from beneath traditional hijabs.

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Other Intimacies: Photography Display Highlights Reflections on Living With Autism

For one week in learly 2017, the group exhibition “Encounters: Reflections into the spaces surrounding families living with autism" transformed the top floor of the Vietnamese Women's Museum in Hanoi ...

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[Photos] Parkour Meets Fire Spinning in Abandoned Lideco Neighborhood

Back in 2007, construction began on Lideco, which was supposed to become a paradise for Hanoi's super-rich. Like Ciputra or Royal City, it was intended to be an all-inclusive development, with housing...

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[Illustrations] An Illustrated Homage to Hanoi's Central Districts

“From Hanoi, with love.”

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[Video] This Quirky Stop-Motion Video Shows the History of Women's Fashion in Vietnam

Not long ago, we introduced you to the different styles of Vietnamese men through the years, now it’s time for a history lesson on female fashion.

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[Illustrations] The Rustic Charm of South Korea's Mom-and-Pop Shops

While Hallyu fans take an interest in Korean culture because of its massive entertainment industry and eye-catching fashion sense, South Korean artist Me Kyeoung Lee pays homage to the count...

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The Legacy of Kak Channthy, Cambodia's Rock and Roll Heroine

For many Cambodian music fans, March 20 was a heartbreaking day because Kak Channthy – the 38-year-old female vocal of the band The Cambodian Space Project – passed away in an accident in Phnom P...

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The Facetious Gender Politics of Go Lim, Hanoi's Feminist Post-Punk Quintet

In an example of cruel irony, October 20 is when we celebrate annual Vietnam Women's Day, and also the anniversary of the passing of Mai Nga (commonly known as Nga Nhi), the lead singer of Go Lim – a ...

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A Vietnamese-American Poet's First Return to Vietnam After Half a Century

The barking of a nearby dog forced Hoa Nguyen to pause mid-stanza. It was as if the canine was attempting to collaborate with her poem, a fitting start to the Year of the Dog. This young year saw the ...

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[Video] At a Hero's Tomb, Vibrant Vietnamese Opera Mesmerizes Passersby

The first full moon of the lunar year is a big deal for Saigon’s Chinese community.

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In Vietnam, Joss Papers Link Life and Death, Modernity and Tradition

Joss papers and effigies consumed my experiences before I began to even question their meaning. On the anniversary of my grandfather’s death (giỗ), my grandmother routinely set up a large pot in ...

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Rambutan Literary Gives Voice to Southeast Asians at Home and Abroad

This poem by Jenna Lee appears in issue five of Rambutan Literary and serves as a prime example of the graceful, poignant material that spans its first five issues. Founded in 2016, the magazine featu...

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An Unexpected Makeover of Hanoi's Old Quarter

In the spring of 2017, Scott Matt became a celebrity in Vietnam overnight. Known as ông Tây râu xồm (the Bearded Westerner), he appeared in news outlets and on various TV channels, all because he...