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Đỗ Trọng Quý's Art Playfully Tells Viewers to 'Get the Hell out of This Place'

Đỗ Trọng Quý’s first solo show in Hanoi at Mo Art Space (136 Hang Trong), “One Endless Summer,” presents 26 of his most recent works during the past year.

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Liberation Radio: The Ultimate Message of Peace Through Audio Broadcast

An audio-visual installation at Manzi Exhibition Space followed in the footsteps of the American military deserters who opposed the war in Vietnam.

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Kiên, the Happy-Go-Lucky Soul Who Makes 'Children's Music for Adults'

Music gives Kiên confidence, and he chooses to make joyful songs to share positive energy with people.

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An Ode to Vietnam’s Identity Amidst Modernization via 28 Years' Worth of Photos

Comprising 28 years' worth of photos, the Punk Dragon exhibition makes older visitors feel nostalgic and younger ones pause and think about changes.

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Event Series Photo Hanoi ’21 Celebrates Storytelling Through a Camera's Lens

A major series of events dedicated to photography will be available to Hanoians interested in the craft starting this month. 

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Q&A: An Interview With 'Raya and the Last Dragon' Co-Writer Qui Nguyen

When Disney’s  Raya and the Last Dragon  was released in March, it was a cultural milestone for Southeast Asians...

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Ahead of the Hanoi Return of 'Les Misérables,' a Talk With Director Trần Ly Ly

Directing the Vietnam National Opera and Ballet  with a tender iron fist since 2018, Tran Ly Ly pushes her artists and ...

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Art Experts Call for 'Rescue' of Colonial Era Murals Blocked by Buildings

The murals are the brainchild of the first and second class of students and teachers of the École des Beaux-Arts de l'Indochine (Indochina College of Fine Arts), a French-established school that is no...

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Immersive Documentary Storytelling Workshop to Be Held in Hanoi

The School of Slow Media is hosting REMIX Hanoi, an intensive media lab, from June 14 to 16.

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[Illustrations] 10 Endangered Species of the World as Illustrated by a Chinese Designer

In the decade of millennials, putting endangered species on hip T-shirts might be one of the best ways to raise awareness of biodiversity.

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Another Crossing: Seeking Solace in a Sea of Black Oil Paint

For five days and four nights, Saigon-based artist Bao Vuong will be in sole confinement with nothing but a pen and paper. He will have no food or water throughout this period, except for any rainwate...

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[Video] Watch the Impressive Trailer of Nguyen Dynasty Historical Drama 'Phuong Khau'

Phuong Khau is an original series set during the Nguyen dynasty, chronicling the life of Empress Dowager Tu Du, the mother of Emperor Tu Duc.

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[Photos] After Bánh Mì, Altar Might Be Vietnam's Next Miss Universe National Costume

Remember the bánh mì dress? She’s dead, and this horrible design murdered her.

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Le Pho Painting Sets Record for Most Expensive Vietnamese Art Sold at Auction

'Nude,' or 'Nue' in French, is an oil painting by famed 20th-century Vietnamese artist Le Pho. It was recently sold for US$1.4 million, more than 2.5 times its expected value at an auction at Christie...

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Filmmaker Nong Nhat Quang on His New Docuseries 'Queer Asia: Vietnam'

For 22-year-old filmmaker Nong Nhat Quang, growing up gay in Lao Cai Province, a conservative region of many ethnic groups, was tough. Being noticeably camp meant bullying and abuse were commonplace, ...

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[Photos] How Vietnam's Muslims Celebrate Ramadan, Eid Al-Fitr in Chau Doc

Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the world, yet Vietnamese Muslims represent as little as 0.01% of the country’s population. Most are ethnic Cham, while a few are foreigners and a few converts...

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Vietnamese Short Awarded Illy Prize at Cannes Film Festival 2019

Director's Fortnight is an independent event running parallel to the main Cannes Film Festival, organized by the French Directors Guild starting in 1969.

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[Photos] How a Taiwanese Grandpa Used Art to Save His Village From Demolition

An abandoned 1,200-household village in Taichung, Taiwan was about to be torn down, but its last resident ended up transforming it into a huge, well-known masterpiece.

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Hanoi Bookshelf: Direct Routes to Whimsy in 'Ticket to Childhood'

Children can “hear the music and see the colors of letters on a page — magic portals to a wilderness without fixed meanings… all adults see are the neat rows of black lines, the building blocks of def...

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The Punk Badassery of Antiantiart, Hanoi's Underground Fashion Rebels

In 2014, a group of restless young Vietnamese set up Nirvana, Hanoi’s first-ever punk streetwear store. In a city known for politics, and where the thickness of history constantly reminds us of t...

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Amid Online Backlash, Production Company Pulls 'The Third Wife' From Theaters

After just four days in theaters, the award-winning movie The Third Wife (Nguoi Vo Ba) has stopped being screened in Vietnam due to an online controversy that’s gaining traction.

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Altars, Lucky Packets and Votive Dollars: Suboi's New Video Goes Back to Basics

Sleek? Inspiring? Sexy? Slick syllable-massaging? The newest video from Vietnam's rap queen delivers on all fronts.

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[Video] In 'Sông Trăng,' a Celebration of Dance and the Vietnamese Physique

Shimmering pig brains, karst-adjacent acrobatics, Hanoi flame-twirlers, "Why don't you embrace me like when we first met?"

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Action Blockbuster 'Hai Phuong' Will Be Released on Netflix on May 22

Hai Phuong (Furie) follows a former gangster, played by Ngo Thanh Van, trying to save her kidnapped daughter.

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[Illustrations] Japanese Artist Reimagines Marvel Heroes as Ukiyo-e Artworks

By now, many Hanoians may have already seen Avengers: Endgame, the ultimate puzzle piece of a 22-film narrative. Undoubtedly a global cultural phenomenon, Endgame and the Marvel Cinematic Universe hav...

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[Video] Ha Giang Rap Video is an Earnest Call for Mental Health Awareness

In 2012, Ian Paynton’s catchy rap track ‘Oi Gioi Oi’ went viral. Now he’s back with a cinematic video, shot in Ha Giang, that calls out for mindfulness in the age of digital addiction.

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[Video] New Music Video 'Boy' Depicts Contemporary Hanoian Love, With a Twist

In the music video for indietronica artist Hien’s ‘Boy,’ a classical romantic narrative unfolds. Within a modern Hanoian setting, two lovers battle against themselves, their peers and society as a who...