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'Thần Đồng Đất Việt' Author Lê Linh: 'I Will Never Stop Working With History'

For Vietnamese comic fans of the past two decades, the names Lê Linh and Thần Đồng Đất Việt will most definitely ring a bell.

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An Illustrator Gives Vietnamese Music Icons Sleek Cyberpunk Makeovers

Trần Phát, known on social media as Phat HaHa, is a designer from Bien Hoa. He recently released an album of 30 Vietnamese artists drawn in cyberpunk style. 

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Thơughtful: Chữ(a) Là(nh), a New Poetry Series to Raise Fund for Those in Need

“Chữ_là để chữa_lành,” or “words are for healing," is Bay Library ’s motto for their poetry series . Amidst these difficult ...

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Praying for Good Weather, Bac Giang-Style

My friends said that they were going to a festival which happens every four years, and that it would be great for photographs. I knew nothing more.

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Meet the Vietnamese Creators of 'Centuries and Still,' a Short Decrying Anti-Asian Racism

How much history are you aware of?

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Hanoi Postcard No. 11: Saddle Chill Time

Who is better at the art of chilling on a motorbike than the xe ôm?

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What Is Hanoi to You? A New Art Competition Seeks Answers From Young Designers.

What is Hanoi to you? Is it the mesmerizing old architecture, the thousand-year legacy, the usual traffic craze, or a warm bowl of phở in the morning?

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How Local Brand Re.socks Spins Discarded Plastic Bottles Into Comfy Socks

How much thought do you put into socks?

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On Debut EP 'Low,' Ho Tram Anh Sings Like a Poet Laureate for the Disconnected

Is anyone else in Hanoi creating music as stark and affecting as Ho Tram Anh? 

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Review: On Ngọt’s Newest Album, Urban Loneliness Lingers on Mellow Strings

Ngot’s latest album brilliantly captures the band’s most appealing quality: the ability to walk the fine line between playful brightness and bitter profundity.

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How The Learning Hub Creates a Space for Positive Change

Hanoi, like most big cities in this age of shared spaces, boasts a growing collection of co-working spaces and work-friendly cafes. But few take their mission as a catalyst for positive social change ...

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Matca's First Periodical Captures Vietnam's Only Photography Museum

Matca, a Hanoi-based photography exhibition space and an online journal, has just brought out its first physical publication, a bilingual periodical titled Có Một Làng Nghề Nhiếp Ảnh — A Vietname...

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Re-Mixing DJ Gender Ratios: How Maggie Tra Gets Women on the Decks

In Hanoi’s male-dominated music industry, Maggie Tra offers an oasis for females.

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Institute of Vietnamese Costumes Officially Opens in Saigon With Discussion on Áo Dài Lemur

Historical fashion enthusiasts might find the newly minted institute a choice destination to explore Vietnam’s past clothing trends.

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Photography Exhibition Highlights Southeast Asia's Emerging Young Talents

The exhibition ‘we will have been young’ features no less than 12 emerging Southeast Asian photographers. 

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Vietnam to Unite Local, International Filmmakers With New Film Association

Last week, Vietnam announced the launch of its new film commission, the Vietnam Film Development Association (VFDA), during the Busan International Film Festival.

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Despite Drama at Home, Vietnamese Film 'Rom' Wins Important Award at Busan Film Fest

Despite legal issues at home, Vietnamese feature film Rom was awarded the top prize in the New Currents category at the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) last week.

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Vietnam Removes ‘Abominable’ From Cinemas Over Scene Showing East Sea Map

Vietnamese culture officials have pulled the DreamWorks animated film Abominable from cinemas after viewers discovered a scene showing China’s ‘nine-dash line’ in the East Sea. 

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Tran Kim Ngoc, a Pioneer of Experimental Music and Mixed-Media Art in Vietnam

Experimental music composer, mixed media artist, multi-instrumental performer, pianist and singer, theater-music composer, improvisational sound artist: describing the work of a key figure of the Viet...

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Groundbreaking Saigon Art Project Unites History, Coffee and Rice

Without notice, a gust of July rain swept through the museum of animals and plants' foyer, knocking down several paintings, strewing paper coffee cups and shattering the monitor that had been pla...

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[Photos] QUA, a New Exhibition Space and Art Center, Opens Within HRC

Following the opening of Manzi’s new exhibition space, another new cultural space, ‘QUA,’ opened its doors last weekend within Hanoi Rock City.

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A Look Inside Manzi's New Contemporary Art Exhibition Space

Manzi, one of Hanoi’s most well-known artistic hubs and a draw for creative crowds, is expanding.

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[Illustrations] Vibrant Woodcut Prints Highlight Hoi An's Colorful Aesthetic

Attitudes towards Hoi An differ wildly, yet whether one considers the town a Disneyfied playground or a genuine haven harking back to a bygone era, its aesthetic appeal is undeniable. 

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This Saturday, 'Citizen Earth' Event Aims to Address Environment Issues

Citizen Earth, a new project run by Six Space, is set to kick off in Hanoi this weekend.

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[Photos] The Vietnamese Origami Master Turning Paper Into Lively Artwork

For the average Joe, a paper crane is perhaps the most advanced foray they could undertake into the intricate art of origami. Artist Nguyen Hung Cuong, however, has managed to transcend the limits of ...

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'Thưa Mẹ Con Đi' and the LGBT Films at the Forefront of Vietnamese Cinema

Personally honest, socially important and commercially sexy, modern movies about gay and transgender people are among the better works of contemporary Vietnamese cinema.

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London Symphony Orchestra to Play at Ly Thai To Park on October 5

The famed London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) is coming to Hanoi for their third performance in the city.

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[Illustrations] Whimsical Vignettes of Everyday Hanoian Street Scenes

The menacing, irritating presence of a black SUV in a narrow alleyway, rain-soaked commuters, bird-like characters riding motorbikes in the capital; Olivier Blanchin's vision of Hanoi is quotidian and...