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In Debut Album 'Gió Thổi Mạnh,' Bluemato Yanks Us Along Their Escapist Journey

With youthful ennui turned energetic wanderlust, Bluemato’s "Gió Thổi Mạnh" album is a much-needed breeze for the underground indie scene of a suffocating Hanoi.

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[Photos] A Pre-Tet Wander Around a Holiday-Ready Hanoi

Tet has come and gone, but the memories remain.

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Noise as Material: Hanoi's Soundscapes Revisited

In a study conducted in Hanoi in 2018 by the Institute of Occupational Health and Environment, the average noise on 12 main roads and junctions ranged from a deafening 77.8 - 78.1 decibels (dBA) in the daytime and 65.3 - 75.7 at night, which is up to ten times the healthy recommended levels.

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Q&A: Gallery Director Suzanne Lecht on the 'Gang of Five' and Building a House of Arts

Tucked in an alley south of Hai Ba Trung stands Suzanne Lecht’s glorious home, a magical abode crowned with an ancient nhà sàn from Mai Chau. After having lived there for more than 25 years, Suzanne reflects on her work as a dedicated patron of the arts and how Kali, her beloved turtle, connected with Mick Jagger.

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How LiveSpace, a New Music Initiative, Aims to Nurture Vietnam's Indie Musicians

A new joint initiative towards a more realized musical landscape extends the commitment of some of Vietnam’s key cultural players.

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[Video] A Dynamic Visual Ode to Hanoi, a City of Paradoxes

Cái Gốc (The Origin) is the latest release from music producer and video director Robin Marty and his collaborator Jakub Zajac.

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[Photos] Bask in the Festive Spirit at Hanoi's Holiday Decoration Street

With Christmas just around the corner, businesses and public places in Hanoi are awash in red and winter-themed paraphernalia. Crowds of young Hanoians flock to Phố Hàng Mã, one of the city’s major knick-knack markets, to take in the festive spirit.

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Crate-Digging for Audio Gold at the Second Hanoi Records Day

In September of this year, Quan Cam played host to VOC Record’s second Hanoi Records Day. Urbanist Hanoi met with the organizers and collectors to learn more about Vietnam’s growing culture of crate diggers.

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Nguyen Van Thong, Who Captured Thich Quang Duc’s Self-Immolation, Dies at 94

Although American photojournalist Malcolm Browne is famous for his photos capturing the historical moment in 1963, Browne wasn’t the only one at the scene with a camera.

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The Harrowing History of Vietnam's Rubber Plantations

"Oh it’s easy to go to the rubber and hard to return, / Men leave their corpses, women depart as ghosts."

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[Illustrations] Masashi Shimakawa Draws Snippets of Everyday Japanese Life

Each artwork acts as a point through which viewers are transported to a different dimension of reality.

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[Photos] An Artist's 'Transparent' Paintings Juxtapose Cultural Loss With Modern Freedoms

Should a nation hold on to its cultural traditions, or cast them off and embrace new liberal attitudes?

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How Vietnamese Runners Are Taking on 70km-Long Mountain Trails, and Winning

Ever wondered if you’ve got what it takes to run 70 kilometers? How about scaling a 2,300-meter mountain? Better still, could you imagine doing both of these things at the same time?

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Hanoi to Redo Mosaic Mural Along Nghi Tam Street

A section of Hanoi’s mosaic mural, which entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s longest mural in 2010, is set to be redone.

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Vietnam's First-Ever Series on Netflix Is a South Korean Remake

The Korean-made original series released in 2016 was a hit in South Korea and many other countries, including Vietnam.

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[Photos] Taiwan's Diverse Society Embodied in Surrealist Street Photography

Chang Chao-Tang has been regarded as one of Taiwan's most influential photographers known for his mastery of surrealism. Chang's primarily black-and-white images reveal the absurdity of everyday life ...

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A 'Lao Hac' Adaptation Will Be Vietnam's First Film Starring a Dog

Film adaptations of literary works have been among the most well-received cinematic features in Vietnam in recent years, so it’s natural that ‘Lao Hac’ is coming to the big screen soon.

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[Video] The Classic Tale of Mid-Autumn Retold Through Dazzling Visuals

The short animated animated short shimmers with millennial style and subversive salesmanship. 

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Bac Ninh Art Residency Opens Call for Artists

In a country with relatively few artist-in-residence programs, live.make.share represents a rare opportunity for cultural symbiosis and artistic development by giving international artists the ch...

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[Illustrations] An Illustrated Alphabet of Vietnam's Tropical Fruits

Varying climate patterns and geographical topography have bestowed Vietnam with an impressive biodiversity. From temperate fare hailing from the Central Highlands like avocados, coffee and strawberrie...

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Coracle Music Festival Returns to Ho Tram for Second Edition

After a successful first edition last year, the music festival will be held on the beach in Ho Tram for the second time November 29–30.

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Hanoi Postcard No. 9: The Turtle God of Hồ Gươm

Hanoi's lakes, including Hồ Gươm, are brimming with fish, debris and memories of historical lore. 

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[Short Story] 'Deviate' by Tran Thi NgH

The interplay between lust and creativity, origins of capricious desires and the relationship between art and artist: 'Deviate,' by Vietnamese-writer Tran Thi NgH explores a multitude of themes a...

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[Photos] Inside Cambodia's Floating Village, Where 40% of People Are Vietnamese

Chong Kneas floating village, only 15 kilometers south of Siem Reap, is one of hundreds that line Tonle Sap Lake. Tens of thousands of families live in these clustered homes, around 40% of whom are Vi...

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[Photos] Rare 20th-Century Dong Ho Paintings Depict a Society in Flux

The well-known woodcut folk paintings have always offered unique insights into the times during which they were produced.

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[Photos] Sixty Square, Hanoi's Beloved Art Quarter, Reopens After Closure Earlier This Year

Upon opening at the beginning of 2018, Sixty Square thrilled Hanoi's young creative crowd. When it suddenly closed earlier this year, it left hearts broken. Now, they're back once again. 

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Tiny Giant on New EP ‘Flying Mouse’ and Bringing Light Into Hanoi’s Greyness

The Hanoi duo’s debut release is so strong you’ll want to shout their name from the rooftops.

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LAKES’ Debut EP is an Ambient Homage to Life in Hanoi

LAKES’ debut album draws inspiration as much from American electronic composer Tycho as it does from instrumental post-rock outfits, yet remains, thematically at least, firmly rooted in the Vietnamese...