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[Photos] Urbanist Hanoi's Best Original Photography of 2018

From Red River brick factories, abandoned water parks and trash villages in Hanoi to mud wrestling tournaments, Vietnamese spearfishing and Hindu exorcisms further afield, it’s been a remarkable 10 months for photography.

In no particular order, this non-exhaustive collection showcases some of the best original photography featured on Urbanist Hanoi during our inaugural year.

Many of the following shots are drawn from photo essays that range from the socially conscious to the theatrical, along with poignant images of celebration, hope and catharsis.

Take a look below:

A spear fisherman with his catch on the sea outside Hoi An. Photo by Sebastia Galbany.

A bedroom beneath the railway tracks for Hanoi's street kids. Photo by Do Duy Vi. 

A worker chokes as he cycles past mounds of trash in Minh Khai plastic recycling village. Photo by Chris Humphrey.

A young boy hides from the sun during an annual flute-kite festival. Photo by Chris Humphrey.

Workers tend the fields during the rice harvest in Mu Cang Chai. Photo by Julie Vola.

Two men fight for the ball during a mud wrestling festival held only once every four years. Photo by Duc Nguyen.

Old friends laugh together on the streets of Hoi An. Photo by Sebastia Galbany.

Two boys play on toy cars in a residential area in Tay Ho. Photo by Kevin Lee.

A cargo ship passes by rustic brick factories on the Red River's north shore. Photo by Chris Humphrey.

The thrill of Parkour in an abandoned construction site outside Hanoi. Photo by Will Dameron.

An emerald tunnel extends beyond sight in Hanoi's abandoned water park. Photo by Chris Humphrey.

A Japanese cosplay festival in Hanoi drew thousands of attendees. Photo by Julie Vola.

The catharsis of exorcism at a Hindu festival in Bali. Photo by Sebastia Galbany.

Two passengers walk along the platform in semi-derelict Naypyidaw Train Station. Photo by Mostafa Mansour.

The majesty of crossing Myanmar on colonial-era trains. Photo by Chris Humphrey.

Whole-body artwork on display at a vast tattoo expo in Hanoi. Photo by Chris Humphrey. 

Fans đi bão during one of many occasions for Vietnamese fans to celebrate. Photo by Sebastia Galbany.

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