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[Video] Spanish Filmmaker Captures Hanoi’s After-Hours, Neon-Lit Nightscapes

In a city that often serves as a muse for filmmakers, we are regularly treated to shorts that capture the capital’s allure. Yet it is less common to discover clips portraying the city’s nocturnal charms.

In A Night in Hanoi, Vimeo user David Tembleque documents the city after dusk. He traverses the capital and offers snapshots of vibrant night scenes, all sound-tracked by Alt-J’s ‘Tessellate.’

In this Hanoi, it is the charcoal-black and crimson-lit that deserve attention. Streets fill with smoke from food stalls and cigarettes, their haze illuminated by a flood of neon light. There are rain-soaked ponchos, dark alleyways and dancers performing in the relative evening cool.

Only a minute long, the video depicts the human side of after-hours life in Hanoi. Tembleque’s attention to detail and crisp photography is refreshing; instantly familiar and never dull, the video captures the unique cadence of the city after dark. 

Take a look below:

[Video via Vimeo user David Tembleque]

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