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[Video] Korean Filmmaker Creates Charming Video Postcard of Hanoi

This short video of Hanoi is vicarious tourism at its finest.

Seoul-based Vimeo user Bandal film has created a collection of short travel videos about cities like Dubai, Zurich and Tokyo.

At the start of his ‘Hanoi’ clip, the camera zooms into an antique TV set to bring us into a supercut of Vietnamese street life. It’s a quick, bright video that sells Hanoi so well it could have been commissioned by the local tourism bureau.

A jazzy, 50’s-sounding song plays as the video speeds through the bustle of the Old Quarter: cats fight on the sidewalk; a couple poses for their engagement photos; a fisherman tries his luck on the lake during golden hour; and as night falls, tourists pick up chicken and seafood from street vendors.

While a glass of red wine is poured on a balcony, the camera draws back from the TV again and brings our mini-tour of the city to a close.

Give it a play below:

Video via Vimeo user Bandal_film.

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