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Vietnam's First-Ever Series on Netflix Is a South Korean Remake

The Korean-made original series released in 2016 was a hit in South Korea and many other countries, including Vietnam.

A Vietnamese adaptation of Descendants of the Sun, titled Hau Due Mat Troi, aired on a local television channel in September last year, starring Kha Ngan, Song Luan, Cao Thai Ha and Huu Vi as the four main protagonists. The series is directed by Tran Buu Loc, well-known for his film Co Ba Sai Gon (The Tailor).

The original Descendants of the Sun focuses on the relationship between a captain of a special forces unit and a cardiothoracic surgeon. The film is set in both South Korea and Uruk, a fictional country inspired by Iraq. The Vietnamese version is instead based in Vietnam, with the main characters working in the Coast Guard, and later in the Vietnam People's Navy.

While Hau Due Mat Troi received praise for its production value and the appearance of the main roles, its content was widely panned for poor localization, bad acting and numerous cultural, medical and logical inaccuracies.

Popular streaming platform Netflix recently bought the rights to the Vietnamese, adaptation and the series became available on the service from September 1, Tuoi Tre reports. The remake becomes the first-ever Vietnamese series to be streamed on Netflix. Previously, some Vietnamese feature films have made their appearance on Netflix, including Hai Phuong and Trung So.

Hau Due Mat Troi has 48 episodes (30 minutes each). On Netflix, the run time for each episode will be one hour, with 24 episodes in total.

Earlier this year, IQUIYI, a popular Chinese streaming platform, also bought the rights to the Vietnamese remake of the series.

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