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An Illustrator Gives Vietnamese Music Icons Sleek Cyberpunk Makeovers

Trần Phát, known on social media as Phat HaHa, is a designer from Bien Hoa. He recently released an album of 30 Vietnamese artists drawn in cyberpunk style. 

According to Cổ Động, Phát’s subjects are mainly human, and he finds inspiration in everyday life. Phát told the fanpage that when starting a new concept or character, he draws on works such as games, anime and manga. Then, he finalizes the design with feedback from other people.

For the cyberpunk album, Phát said he was inspired by the artist Deathburger. At first, Phát wanted to feature 50 bands and artists in the album, but he couldn’t find good reference pictures for 7UPPERCUTS and Cá Hồi Hoang, so he shared these 30 illustrations first, with more to follow in the future.

To see Phát’s other work, you can find him on Facebook, Instagram or Behance.

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