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"Đất Bắc" is an awe-inspiring art collaboration between 56 Vietnamese artists, started by the Facebook page Practicus. The project seeks to honor some of northern Vietnam's most notable traditional craft villages.

The collection of illustrations highlights 166 villages of various heritage and cultural crafts ranging from textiles, sculpture and brass to ca trù and lacquer. Each illustration is a charming portrayal brought to life via the unique vision and styles of one artist from the region. The full collection is available on Behance. Let's take a look at a few of them.

Vu Dai-Dai Hoang fish braising village: Vũ Đại Village brings to the table the mouth-watering, caramel-colored, tender, and delicate fish dish that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Illustration by Dn.yen.illus.

Ca trù village: Đông Môn Village is known as the heart of ca trù art along the northern coast of Vietnam. Illustration by Lãng Đãng.

Bao Dap, the star lantern village: There are approximately 300 families still preserving this craft in Báo Đáp Village. The lanterns are made from bamboo and cane, and assembled using rice flour as glue. Illustration by Artobu.

Linh Son, an incense village: Linh Son village uses natural ingredients such as cinnamon, the sap from trám trees, and vetiver plant to produce incense. Illustration by Phương Hà.

Doi Tam, a drum village: Doi Tam village crafts drums from jackfruit wood and buffalo skin. They were listed as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2019. Illustration by Kim Khánh.

Bang Phuc, an alcohol-distilling village: Bang Phuc village offers a uniquely sweet alcohol made from yeast grown from forest herbs and rice flour. Illustration by Dương Giang Nam Dương.

Yen Nhan, tương bần village: Yen Nhan Village uses soybeans, glutinous rice, and salt to produce a distinctive brown and velvety sauce. Illustration by Cường Phạm.

Nam Duong, a rice noodle village: the village uses Bao Thai Hồng rice, and their noodles are special for their ability to remain unbroken even after being soaked in hot water and left to cool. Illustration by Bao Viet.

Dao Thuc, a water puppet village: Đào Thục village has been around for 300 years, with Nguyễn Đăng Vinh as the craft's ancestor. Illustration by Fuji.

Ninh Giang, the bánh gai village: Ninh Giang village uses leaf powder to create the characteristic black outer layer of bánh gai. The filling consists of green beans and various types of jam. Illustration by NiMacc Tiến Mạnh.

Nghia Chau, a nón village: Nghia Chau village was established in the 1940s, crafting its special nón lá from palm leaves, bamboo, and cork. Illustration by Artobu.

Beeswax brocade craft village: The beeswax brocade village of the Dao Tiền ethnic group uses hessian fabric, linen, indigo and beeswax to handprint patterns on their products. Illustration by Đức Cảnh.

Nha Xa, a silk village: Nha Xa silk village has never ceased to thrive, introducing high-quality silk products to the market. Illustration by Kim Khánh.

Thuy Tram, a red carp village: Thuy Tram village is dedicated to raising ornamental fish and Tet carp. The village now has a collective brand. Illustration by Suri Nguyễn.

Van Lam, a lace embroidery village: Van Lam village has sustained its craft for over 700 years. Its products embody delicacy, meticulousness, and grace. Illustration by Ba Ba.

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