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[Illustrations] Vibrant Woodcut Prints Highlight Hoi An's Colorful Aesthetic

Attitudes towards Hoi An differ wildly, yet whether one considers the town a Disneyfied playground or a genuine haven harking back to a bygone era, its aesthetic appeal is undeniable. 

Saigon-based artist Jack Clayton captures the town's appeal through woodcuts prints, which were all produced using side grain from Japanese magnolia trees and printed onto both French and locally-made Vietnamese paper. In them, we see street scenes, famous landmarks and vendors. 

In an email to Urbanist Hanoi, Clayton explained how he spent around four days traversing Hoi An's Old Town and taking photos he felt portrayed the area's vibrancy. He then drew these images directly onto wood before carving them and printing by hand. All of the following images are printed in this way, besides one graphic design which focuses on the entire town, rather than an individual scene. 

"I created a large-scale illustration which celebrates this ancient port town's rich, cultural heritage, visually portraying the coming together of people from all corners of the world to trade and collaborate," he said. "In the 'Hoi An' illustration, I used the image of a whale guiding a fishing boat to safety as a symbol of the precious heritage of the area." 

Take a look below:

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