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[Photos] The Vietnamese Origami Master Turning Paper Into Lively Artwork

For the average Joe, a paper crane is perhaps the most advanced foray they could undertake into the intricate art of origami. Artist Nguyen Hung Cuong, however, has managed to transcend the limits of existing origami instructions to create his own designs and become one of Vietnam’s forefront figures in origami.

Now 30, Nguyen Hung Cuong has been a member of the Vietnam Origami Group since 2005. Some of his latest works can be observed at the recent Loài Plastic exhibition, an event aiming to raise awareness of plastic waste. Until now, Cuong has authored more than 200 original origami designs, some of which won him international awards and were displayed in public exhibitions.

“I’d prefer to be called a ‘creator’ rather than an artisan or an artist. Because the challenge for me and others in this field [origami] is continuously creating,” Cuong told Thanh Nien in Vietnamese. “For me, art is a journey, not a destination; the process of creating the most creative work is also where art is at its highest point.”

Before working on origami full-time, Cuong got a master’s degree in electrical engineering and was working in a related position in the industry. Still, after a year, he decided to quit to pursue origami wholeheartedly. Now he’s happy with a career spent making paper models for interior companies, exhibitions and other offices.

Have a closer look at some of Nguyen Hung Cuong’s exquisite origami design below:

[Photos via Nguyen Hung Cuong’s Flickr account]

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