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[Illustrations] Whimsical Vignettes of Everyday Hanoian Street Scenes

The menacing, irritating presence of a black SUV in a narrow alleyway, rain-soaked commuters, bird-like characters riding motorbikes in the capital; Olivier Blanchin's vision of Hanoi is quotidian and playful in equal measure.  

Turning an artistic spotlight on the alleys, roads and people of Hanoi, Blanchin's illustrations bring a whimsical sense of life to everyday vignettes. Each illustration is built around a familiar street scene, with Hanoians and venues rendered vividly with bright colors and a palpable sense of artistic wit.

We see archetypal depictions of motorcyclists loaded with goods alongside the lurid glow of a night-time Bia Hoi and bucolic vistas beneath Long Bien Bridge. We also witness how his creations start their life as mere sketches. 

A number of these illustrations will also feature in an illustrated children's book, which will be released in both French and Vietnamese next month. 

Take a look below:

To see more, check out Olivier's Facebook and website

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