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[Illustrations] Vietnamese Artist Draws Much-Needed Attention to Mental Health Issues

In her 'psychology series', Hanoi-based Illustrator Camelia Pham draws attention to an all-too-often taboo subject in Vietnam: mental health. 

Her poetic illustrations offer a bold and refreshing look at psychological well-being. Focusing on topics such as love, meaning, isolation, and depression, Pham’s artwork sheds light on the complex nature of life’s most fragile moments.

In Vietnam, where accurately estimating how many people struggle with mental health is difficult, raising public awareness about the issue is key. Many may not be aware they are suffering from a psychological problem, or know where to go for help.

For those who do seek help, they are all too often placed in facilities with minimal resources that are unable to meet increasing demands. The director of the Ho Chi Minh Mental Hospital, Trinh Tat Thang, estimates that the number of patients they see has increased by 10% to 15% in recent years

Pham’s illustrations prompt authentic conversations about these vital topics and are often accompanied by her own descriptions that touch on themes such as identity, hope, and morality.

“Personally, drawing for me is a way to escape the absurdly mundane outside word. You are more than welcome to take a peek at my mental kingdom," Pham says, "and while you're at it why don’t you stay for a little fantasy every day.”

Earlier this month, Pham’s work was chosen by the Society Of Illustrators to be included in their 61st annual awards exhibition in New York.

Check out her illustrations below:

 See more of Pham's work via her Facebook or Behance profiles. 

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