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Wink Brand Launch Event Recap

The Wink Hotel Brand Launch was held at Hanoi Old Quarter Cultural Exchange Center to showcase the brand’s appreciation of both traditional values as well as modern lifestyle and ingenuity.

The event featured speeches from Indochina Capital CEO Peter Ryder and Wink Hotels CEO Michael Piro, communicating the values and ideas behind the brand along with the roadmap for its ambitious future of being a home brand for Vietnam. In addition to being the Wink brand launch, the event also served as an introduction for the soon to be opened Wink Hotel 75 NBK in Saigon to Hanoians. Invitations were diverse.

Many were sent to renowned journalists, business partners and friends. Staying true to the spirit of Wink, the launch event was positively informal. With DJ LeviOi, AnNam, Monotape, Singer My Anh mixes of upbeat music, MC Petey Majik charismatic charm, and guests helping themselves to the never-ending in flow of LGI cocktails and East West Craft beer, the atmosphere was electric throughout the night. Great efforts were also put into showcasing Wink’s integration of technology into its operation. Guests invitations were sent in the form of QR codes, scanned at the entrance, allowing staff to identify guests and giving them a more personal welcome.

Not only that, guests also participated in a simple game of finding AR codes to redeem for discounts or receive information regarding the work of featured artist Nguyen The Son.

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