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Seoul's Museum Kimchikan Takes Visitors Deep Into the World of Kimchi

In 1988, in the same year Seoul hosted the Summer Olympics, even though it had nothing to do with sports, kimchi shone on the international stage for the first time.

During the event, Atlas Obscura shares, Seoul moved the fairly new Kimchi Museum to the Korea World Trade Center Complex in order for it to garner more attention. In 2015, the museum reopened after renovation as the Museum Kimchikan. 

Since 1988, kimchi has become well-known around the world, and is a popular dish at Korean restaurants all over the globe as well as in grocery stores and convenience shops. The museum allows visitors to get a closer look at this Korean specialty. 

Museum Kimchikan explains the kimchi production technique by showing the crucial lactobacillus bacteria at work under a microscope, while also delving into the 1,500-year history of the dish.

Documentaries on kimjang, a UNESCO-recognized tradition in which communities gather to chop vegetables and blend kimchi ingredients ahead of winter, are screened at the facility as well. Of course, guests can also sample different varieties of the beloved food, as there are roughly 180 regional versions of the dish.

Museum Kimchikan is located on the 4th, 5th, and 6th floors of the Insa-dong Maru building in Seoul. Have a peek inside Seoul's kimchi heaven through the short documentary below:

Video via YouTube channel AFN Pacific - Museum Kimchikan.

[Top photo via Flickr user ecodallaluna]

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