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Urbanist Hanoi is an English-language online lifestyle magazine which covers topics related to news, society, development, history, culture and the arts in Hanoi. We strive to provide both foreign residents and young, English-speaking Vietnamese in Hanoi with engaging content which informs and entertains. Whether providing context to local news, showcasing the best of Hanoi's arts and culture scene, discovering the story behind a decades-old street food stall or delving into the city's fast-paced development, Urbanist Hanoi prides itself on producing well-researched, informative and up-to-date content for local and international readers alike.


As a digital media outlet, Urbanist Hanoi believes in using the internet to harness the power of storytelling. Whether through words, photos, videos or graphics, we aim to bring readers the best content in the best possible medium.


Freelancers interested in writing for Urbanist Hanoi should fill out and email this pitch form to contribute@urbanisthanoi.com, along with a writing sample. On-spec pieces will not be accepted. Please label the subject line 'Freelance Pitch'.