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[Photos] Above Quang Ngai’s Red Roof House, a Vegetable Garden Thrives

The house was built for a middle-aged couple in their 50s who have been living in the area for most of their lives.

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New Wastewater Discharge Fee Proposed for Hanoi Residents

If approved, the fee will be implemented in 12 of the capital's 27 districts.

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Vietnam Among Top 20 Countries With Highest Salary Growth: Survey

The survey was conducted by ECA International, a London-based company that sells marketing information.

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[Maps] A Brief Cartographic History of Hai Phong From 1898 to 1968

Known today by the moniker "City of Red Flamboyant Trees," Hai Phong has always been one of Vietnam’s most prominent port cities ever since its establishment in 1888.

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Cà Phê, Stork, Dragon: What Should Miss Universe Vietnam's National Costume Be This Year?

Can this year’s national costume top last year’s perfect bánh mì tribute?

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How Hanoi’s Queer Film Week Bridges LGBTQ Communities With Wider Society

The third annual Hanoi International Queer Film Week (HIQFW) is all about love.

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[Photos] Cruising Across Vietnam on the North-South Train in 1920

It appears train travel in Vietnam has changed very little in the past 100 years.

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Flights From Southern Vietnam, China Expected at Officially Approved Sapa Airport

It will be Vietnam's 23rd airport and based in a region already struggling with overtourism.

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